Maid To Clean office cleaning services

Office Cleaning Services

Looking for professional, low-maintenance and effective cleaners for your office or workspace? Maid To Clean is here to help and we are confident we can full-fill your needs.

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Office and Workplace Cleaning

Maid To Clean is here to help and we are confident we can full-fill your needs. Whether you are just looking for a simple 2 hour weekly clean for your office or if you are looking for a more extensive clean with a team of staff, we can take care of it for you, so you can focus on the important things.

Prices and Discounts

We bill our office and commercial cleaning in a very similar way to our domestic cleaning. For small, regular services our hourly rate pricing structure applies. If however you have a larger space or if you would like to book in either more than one office or more than one service per week, we can discuss the option of further discounting our rates. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further.

How Does It Work

Our goal is to completely remove the stress and the hassle from your office cleaning. During the first service we will run through your needs and requirements, adjust the length of the service if needed and from then on we will come through for the regular service and take care of the cleaning without needing to contact you at all.

If you are happy to provide access/a key to our cleaning teams, we are able to come through at any time of day/night. So if it is after-hours cleaning you require, just let us know!

We Always Send The Same Cleaners

We will assign either a solo-cleaner or a cleaning team of 2-3 people to come for your service and provided all goes smoothly, this will be the cleaning team that is permanently assigned to your service. This ensures consistent quality and that the cleaning team fully understands your needs. If there are special circumstances such as the cleaning team are away, sick or unavailable for a different reason we will always be in touch with you to check if you would prefer to wait for your regular cleaners, or if you would prefer for us to send you a cover team.