Maid to Clean's COVID-19 Action Plan

Please note that we are being as pro-active as possible in our response to the COVID-19 situation to ensure the safety of our customers, contractors and office team.

COVID-19 Policy - Updated 03/06/2020

Maid to Clean is aware that the advice surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forever evolving. Due to this we are constantly making changes to the way we work to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our cleaning teams and customers safe. Maid to Clean has, and is continuing to take precautions to ensure that none of our workers come in to contact with COVID-19.

1st June Update

COVID-19 continues to be managed well in Australia and active cases continue to fall. There are currently approx 581 active cases in Australia and new daily cases are consistently averaging approx 10/day while recovered cases exceed that, meaning active cases are continuing to fall. Today, June 1st, marks the further lifting on restrictions. In Victoria, as of today we are allowed:

Gatherings of up to 20 people in the home
Public gatherings (indoor and outdoor) of up to 20 people
Cafes, restaurants and pubs may serve meals to up to 20 people
Overnight stays will be allowed in both private residences and hotels
Beauty therapy, tanning, waxing, nail salons, spas, tattoo parlours and massage parlours may reopen with up to 20 patrons
Many other public places like campgrounds, librarys, auctions etc will be allowed to re-open with limits of up to 20 people

Everyone here at Maid to Clean is looking forward to getting back to normal and enjoyoing some of the above services and amenities that we have all had to go without for the last 8-10 weeks. While restritions are easing, we would like to stress that Maid to Clean is still operating with the same strict health and safety precautions as we were at the height of the crisis to ensure we keep our customers and our team safe. Our current list of precautions is:

Strict social distancing (1-2m between all customers, cleaners and public)
PPE on all jobs (including gloves and shoe covers)
Fresh equipment and disinfecting of equipment between jobs
Rigorous hand hygiene
Regularly communicated updates and reminders on government regulations recommendations
Immediate hold on work places on any team or customer displaying cold symptoms

With everything above mentioned, we are looking forward to provide our exceptional level of service to our customers and hope that things continue on such a positive road to recovery. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, or if you'd like to book a service, pop over to the booking page here :-)

25th May Update

Today marks the first stage of school's re-opening. We are also several weeks in to the first round of restriction lifting and currently there has been no increase in the number of new daily cases in Australia. We are therefore very much on track for the next round of restrictions being eased next week on Monday 1st June. This will allow for up to 20 guests in our homes and for outdoor entertainment events/sports to have up to 20 people too. Beauty salons will be opening, camping allowed and more. Some pubs, cafes and restaurants will open with strict limits on patrons. For a full article see here.

The message from the government will be changing from "stay at home" to "stay safe" and they will still be urging us to work at home where possible and to maintain social distancing.

Maid to Clean can happily say that a large number of our regulars have now resumed their services. We are still following the same strict health and safety precautions that we were at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include our teams wearing PPE for cleans, social distancing, regularly hand washing, disinfecting equipment and more. If you would like to resume your service or start a new one, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

14th May Update

New daily cases in Australia have stayed low so far this week. With restrictions eased as of yesterday however, a lot of attention will be on the new daily cases over the next 2-4 weeks. We, like many, are hopeful that there will not be a second wave and in 4 weeks time we will be able to enjoy further lifting of restrictions.

We urge everyone to continue to follow all government advice. While we have been permitted to have small gatherings again, it is still vital that we practice social distancing and avoid unecessary trips, especially involving large groups of people.

We have noticed a lot of people have started resuming their cleaning services since the lifting of restrictions and this is great to see. We have missed many of our regular customers and we are thrilled to start having them back. If you would like to resume, or start a new regular service, please get in touch or feel free to book online via the booking page.

11th May Update - Victorian Restrictions Easing

Fantastic news today in the update from Daniel Andrews. The key updates are:

As of Wednesday 13th May - Victorians will be allowed to have 5 guests in their home.
Students will most likely return to the classroom before the end of term 2.
Up to 10 people can meet outdoors.
Working at home arrangements are encouraged until at least the end of May.

11th May Morning Update

New cases in Australia have continued to stay low and the total number of confirmed actives cases in the country is now just 681. Scott Morrison announced on Friday that he is recommending a thee-stage plan for Australia to get back to normal, with a chance of all lock-down measures being ended by the end of July. Each state premier will have the responsibility of putting their own plans in place however and it appears Daniel Andrews will take a cautious approach.

Daniel Andrews is set to make his announcement today, however he has stated that nothing will change for Victoria this week and that now is the time to be patient. We look forward to hearing more.

6th May Update

We are eagerly awaiting a series of updates that will hopefully bring Australia a few steps closer to normality. Scott Morrison is due to give an update to Australia this Friday 8th May that many believe will remove the state of emergency in Australia. Following this, the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, will address Victoria on Monday 11th and will be providing an update on the lockdown measures in Melbourne. While nothing is certain, we are hopeful that these announcements may see the easing of some restrictions and many people will feel more confident about the current situation. It will of course be vital that if there are changes and loosening of restrictions that we are still very vigilent about social distancing, hand washing, and all the things we can do on a personal level to prevent the spreading of Covid-19.

The new daily cases in Australia has remained 20 for almost 2 weeks. This is exceptionally low and shows the country is being extremely successful in containing the virus. There are now less than 900 confirmed cases in Australia.

We are feeling cautiously confident about the outlook for Australia and the near future. We are even more confident about the quality of our service and the ability for us to continue our cleans while keeping our customers and cleaners safe. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss a service with us :-)

1st May Update

More good news as lock-down restrictions begin to be eased across the country. Here in Victoria, our lock-down measures will most likely not change until the state of emergency is lifted on the 11th May. For more information about what each state, including Victoria, are doing in regards to resctrictions, check out this article on ABC. Australia continues to keep the growth figure of COVID-19 under 1, currently sitting at 0.91, which shows the number of active cases is getting lower each day.

We continue to urge everyone in Melbourne and Victoria to respect the government's current lock-down measures and therefore stay home where you can, continue social distancing and continue to wash those hands!

27th April Update

The global effort to fight the coronavirus is seeing some progress. Many countries around the world, including Australia, are starting to consider easing lock-down measures. The government of Australia has started recommending businesses prepare for their workers to be allowed back in to the office and that they "coronavirus-proof" their work-places. This would most likely involve regular office cleaning to which Maid to Clean would be perfect to assist with.

In other news, the Australian governemnt also released the COVIDSafe app for smartphones to help Australian's trace confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. We strongly recommend everyone downloads and installs this app from the App Store as it will help trace cases of the virus and immediately contain them.

As we consider easing lock-down measures, it is imperative that we all stay vigilent and be careful. It would be extremely easy for there to be a second wave of the virus. It is advisable that everyone continues to practice strict social distancing, hand-washing and other precautions that you can take throughout your normal day to day life.

24th April Update

The outlook continues to look positive in Australia. A fantastic view of our current situation can be found on the ABC website, here. Interestingly, there is stirring debate on whether Australia aims for one of two goals - eradication vs containment. In the past we were always aiming to contain the virus, however with the new daily cases so low over the last few weeks, eradication is becoming more feasible. The issues with maintaining this approach will be that even if the virus is eradicated from Australia, we would be prone to it returning as soon as we opened international borders. An interesting article on the ABC site about this can be found here.

Things are looking up for Australia and there is talk of some lock-down measures being lifted as early as the second week of May. While this will be exciting for many, we urge everyone to stay focussed and attentive to the government recommendations.

Maid to Clean has started getting busier again with new bookings and a lot of our regulars who paused their services during the crisis are now returning, which is great to see. If you are thinking about engaging us to help with your cleaning but are concerned about the current crisis, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to discuss options.

21st April Update

Australia has seen record low numbers of new COVID-19 cases over the last few days showing that our efforts to fight the spread of the virus are being very successful. Daniel Andrews has stated that it will still be at least "some time" before things like cafe's and restaurants open.

We all need to brace for being in this current state of lockdown for another couple of months as the future is quite unknown. However it's definitely worth focussing on the positives and that is that if we continue like we are, our health systems will be able to cope and we will have successfully limited the number of lives lost from the virus.

Maid to Clean's policies have maintained somewhat constant over the last few weeeks. Our teams are all wearing appropriate PPE when cleaning and most importantly, respecting strict social distancing during services. We are closely monitoring and communicating with all our staff to ensure that our team is fully fit and healthy so that we can provide our service while also keeping everyone safe.

17th April Update

It's great to see that Australia is continuing to push back against the coronavirus. We have recoreded 100 or less new daily cases for 10 days in a row, bringing the active confirmed cases in the country down to 2698. A fantastic tool for tracking the COVID-19 numbers can be found on There is general info here and Australia specific info here.

In more good news, Scott Morrison has stated that restrictions in Australia may be eased in as little as 4 weeks. Elective surgeries may start as early as next week. This is great news for the nation however we must all ensure we continue to abide by the government regulations and not start easing off. For more info, see here.

Maid to Clean has started to see a lot of our regular customers start resuming their cleans which is great to see. We would like to re-assure everyone that we continue to work safely while following all government recommendations.

14th April Update

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable and safe Easter. It is fantastic to see that the Australian government and public's response to the coronavirus has so far been extremely effective. For 7 days running Australia has recorded less than 100 new cases. The active confirmed cases in Australia is down from a high of 4935 on April 4th to 2916 today. We have less active cases in the country than we did on March 27th.

While this is great news and signs that the current measures are effective at slowing down the spread of COVID-19, we do urge everyone to continue to be vigilent and maintain the current levels of precautions.

As a business, we are confident that we have been able to continue providing an important service to our customers while also keeping our customers and staff safe.

8th April Update

We sent an email out to our customer base with some information about how to safely book a clean this Easter. For the full email, please see here.

During this time where we are all staying at home a lot more than usual, it is extremely important we are all very attentive and mindful of our mental health. We have found a great resource online where you can take a quiz to see what kind of mental health problems you may be more susceptible to and then a series of free online courses to help you with them. We have sent this around to our team - you can check it out here.

6th April Update

Things are looking cautiously positive for Australia. Our peak number of new daily cases was on March 24 with 424 new cases and since then, there has been a downward trend in new daily cases. It seems that the government's policies are working and if we continue to work together and respect the current lock-down measures, we may be able to keep Covid-19 under control in Australia. For more information on how our daily cases have been slowing, see here.

This is great news and shows that there may not need to be further lock-down measures by the government to win this war against Covid-19. However, it's important to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint. While we have started on the front foot, it is vital now that we all continue to respoect the lock-down and do not start letting things slip. Remember - stay at home where possible, practice social distancing, keep washing your hands and stay updated!

All our cleaning teams speak English, however for a lot of them, English is a second language. The Victorian Department of Health has issued a great resource which translates the current coronavirus advice in to all languages. We have sent this round to our teams today. If you'd like to check it out, see here.

For another great article and visualisation about the spread of Covid-19 around the world and in Australia, see here.

3rd April Update

Maid to Clean is continuing to operate while following all government recommendations and taking as many extra safety precautions as possible. Today we have sent around a 30 minute online course to our cleaning teams that has been issued by the Department of Health. The course focuses on Covid-19 infection control training and is a great online resource to ensure people understand how to minimise the risk of infection. If you'd like to complete the course, it's free and you can access it here.

2nd April Update

As of the 31st of March, the Victorian Government is directing all Victorians to stay at home to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The stay at home direction is compulsary however there are some exceptions. These exceptions are for things such as food shopping, medical appointments, exercise and to go to work/school if it can not be done at home. For a great resource on this direction, see here.

Services and trades continue to operate in Victoria and throughout Australia with strict instructions to be practicing social distancing and very rigorous hand hygiene. We would like to reassure our customers that Maid to Clean is taking all recommended steps by the governemnt to keep our team and customers safe, while continuing to provide our high level of service.

30th March Update

For a detailed email to our customers, please see here.

Scott Morrison announced yesterday that further restrictions will be put in place to limit gatherings of people in both public and private places. This means that people are only permitted to have a single guest over to their homes. These restrictions are to avoid people meeting in large groups for social reasons. They do not apply to work or education. Please see here for more information: ABC News Article

We would therefore like to make it clear that Maid to Clean is currently still permitted to operate. We work in teams of both 1 and 2 people, however we are abiding by government regulation and we are also very strictly following the social distancing measures.

We believe the reasoning behind the governments regulations is based around the fact that when people socialise, they spent prolonger periods of time close to one another and thereore increasing the chance of spreading germs. At Maid to Clean, when our staff work, we will be practicing social distancing between our teams the customers and very little time will be spent close to each other, therefore minimising any risk.

26th March Update

Daniel Andrews released a press conference announcing that the current lock-down stage will likely continue for months with the peak of Victoria's pandemic likely to be May/June. For more information please see here. It has also been confirmed that there will be a stage three lock-down to come.

Maid to Clean is still able to operate within the current lock-down measures. We ask all our customers and cleaners to strictly abide by the social distancing measures and to always keep 1-2 metres distance between people. We also ask that everyone respects the requests to stay at home at all possible and only to leave in order to go to work and for necessary trips to shops, e.g. for food.

Maid to Clean is here and available to help. Our cleaners who area working are fit and healthy and we are confident that we can still provide you an exceptional service while abiding by the government's recommendations.

24th March Update

As per the prime ministers announcement on 24th March - Maid to Clean will continue to operate however we will be pausing all cleaning Workshops and Cleaning Quality check-up jobs. We will be minimising our team sizes to 1 or 2 cleaning teams wherever possible.

23rd March Update

As per the prime ministers announcement on 23rd March - Maid to Clean is classified as an essential service and will be continuing work as usual.

We can confirm that none of our active workers have travelled overseas within the last 14 days.

To ensure customer safety, any cleaning team that is exhibiting flu like symptoms will not be sent to your booking. We will do our best to replace that team with your permission as early as we can, however we do ask for your patience and understanding during this time if your booking is affected for this reason. We are also continually instilling safe hygiene practices into our cleaning teams.

To ensure the safety of our cleaning teams we do ask that if you are exhibiting flu like symptoms that you let us know as soon as you can so we can arrange the cancellation or reschedule your booking. We are regularly updating our cleaning teams on how to avoid COVID-19 through social isolation, good hygiene and healthy personal habits. We have brought in to practice strict procedures in the event that a customer reports being affected by COVID-19 which includes halting all work for any cleaning team who has been to the customer's house within 14 days of the confirmation.

To ensure the safety of our office team, we are now all working from home and are practicing social distancing.

We want you to know that you can continue to rely on us. The next time we have the privilege of you welcoming us into your home, you can trust our commitment to you remains as steadfast as ever.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with our team through using the Contact Us page.

Maid to Clean is also offering disinfectant cleans to help with COVID-19 cleaning in Melbourne. Please see the section below for more information.

Should You Book A Cleaning Service?

The short answer to this question is yes. Maid to Clean is taking strict measures to ensure that none of our team have come in to contact with the COVID-19 virus. We are also deemed an essential service and are therefore permitted to continue work during the current shutdown.

Maid to Clean workers use cleaning products that are effective at breaking down and removing the COVID-19 virus. Extensive research has shown that one of the most effective products in breaking down COVID-19 is soap (found in the majority of cleaning supplies) due to it being effective at breaking down the fatty layer surrounding the virus. Therefore if you are looking for effecting cleaning methods for the coronavirus, we strongly recommend using soap-based products.

We therefore advise existing customers and potential customers to continue using our services and to keep your homes as clean as possible.

While cleaning is effective at removing dust/dirt and germs from your home (including COVID-19) we also offer an upgraded “disinfectant” service for those wishing to ensure all germs are killed and removed from their home. For more information, please see the links below.