Looking for a crazy deal?

We offer up to 50% OFF hourly or property cleans for customers who are willing to have a cleaning workshop done in their homes by our new cleaning teams, led by highly skilled Cleaning Quality Agents.

The service was a gift for my baby shower and boy was it fabulous to have them come in and take care of all the things I haven't prioritised with such a young baby at home! Highly recommended - Ashley Robertson from Carlton

Cleaning Workshops

We are offering a few lucky customers the chance to have a cleaning workshop done at their homes at a crazy low price. These cleaning workshops currently ivolve our new cleaning teams coming to perform a approximately 4 hours of cleaning (valued at $240) at a home with the guidance of highly skilled Cleaning Quality Agents. The service generally includes cleaning of the kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, floors and at least 1 bedroom/living area.

The services are offered at a whopping 50% OFF the normal price.

The Cleaning Quality Agents are extremely skilled and experienced so they will make sure the detail and quality of the services are top notch and will even apply our trademark finishing touches to the services. However, as the workshops are for training purposes, we can not guarantee 100% of the service tasks are completed and there is no satisfaction guarantee or re-cleans with these services. In general though about 80-100% of the service is completed.

The workshops take place on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8am and 1pm. There will be approximately 4 hours of cleaning and 1 hour of discussion. We need full access to your home during this time, so we just need to be provided access at 8am (either by key-safe or in person) and then we need the parts of the house being cleaned to be vacant of all people and pets during this time.

If you are interested in being added to the waitlist, please pop your details in below and we will get in touch if you are eligible 🙂

Cleaning Workshop Eligility Form

  • Our workshops require access from the home between 8am and 4pm without any people or pets in the main areas of the home.
  • The workshop will begin at 8am and finish by 1pm. We need undisturbed access to the main areas of the home.
  • Our workshops are lead by our Cleaning Quality Agents so they are in general, exceptionally thorough services. However, please understand that some areas may not be fully completed and we will not be able to return to re-clean like our fully priced services.