Only a few minutes’ drive from the main business district of Melbourne, Brunswick is a multicultural suburban area full of colors, culinary delights, and lights. People who live in Brunswick know that it is a suburb full of life and endless things to do.

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Brunswick’s Local House Cleaning Service

In an amazing location such as this, streets are peaceful; and houses are beautiful. However, house cleaning might seem to be an endless task sometimes. Some people might just not be good at cleaning whereas most of us simply do not have the time in the day to do everything we want as well as clean! This is where Maid to Clean comes in. Maid to Clean offers exceptional Brunswick house cleaning services at affordable prices.

Brunswick is full of period homes dating back to the 1800’s when Melbourne was first settled. Whether you have an old or updated period home, or even just a modern townhouse, we are here to help. Maid to Clean are not just a Brunswick cleaning service, we are problem solvers.

A Local Cleaning Company

We understand the desire for a local cleaning company. We are actually based out of Brunswick on Blyth Street. Although we have done away with quoting and laborious back and forths before any cleaning gets done, we do want our customers to know that a face-to-face chat about their cleaning service is always just around the corner.

Exceptional cleaning at reasonable prices

Make your life easier with our conveniently streamlined pricing structure.
We’ve boiled our cleaning services down to two simple options: Pay by the hour or choose a flat rate service.

You pay less the more often we clean

Loyalty has its rewards – we offer great discounts for regular clients.

What’s Included

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned. Prices depend on number of bedrooms and studies in your home and we will complete all general cleaning as per our checklists below. There is additional services and pricing displayed below the list of what is included in our full house service. Please select a “Spring Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.