Our Cleaning Superstars can do all sorts of tasks around your home or office. However, there are some things that are excluded on all services.

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Moving of Heavy/Large Items of Furniture

We define light furniture as items of around 5-10kg or less. This would include items such as chairs, lamps and plants. We define heavy furniture as items such as dining/coffee tables, sofas, beds, bookshelves and any other object that would be challenging to move for a single person without risking injury, or damage to the floor.

Dust/Wipe Non-Reachable Surfaces

We define reachable surfaces as surfaces or objects within the home that can be easily accessed and cleaned by a person without the need for special tools or equipment. We are able to use a small 2-3 step ladder (if requested prior to the service), however areas such as high windows, ceilings and ceiling lights are generally not reachable even with the use of a small step ladder.

Grout Cleaning of Floors or Walls

We are not able to clean the grout from any floors or walls, other than within the shower. Heavy duty grout cleaning machinery is needed for this.


We are never able to wash/wipe down ceilings. We can dust/wipe reachable surfaces and we can use extendable dusting poles to dust high areas.

Light Fittings and Fans

We are unable to wipe down ceiling light fittings and fans. Our teams can use extendable dusting poles to dust these areas, but they are too high for our teams to access and wipe down.

In Between Glass Sheets of Ovens

We can perform high quality oven cleans, however we cannot dissemble ovens. Please see our oven cleaning page for more information.

Balcony – Ballustrades and High Areas

We can provide high quality cleaning to balconies, including window cleaning of balcony doors and glass ballustrades. For balcony glass/ballustrades to be cleaned, please ensure to book our “Balcony” and “Inside Windows” extra. However, our teams are unable to use a step-ladder while working on a balcony for safety reasons. We can therefore not clean any areas that are not reachable without the use of a step ladder, including the outside of glass ballustrades.

Rubbish Removal

We are able to empty bins and replace bin liners inside the home. We are also able to help take household bins to the street (on hourly services). However, we are unable to assist with taking rubbish away from a property.

Human/Animal Waste Removal

We are experts in bathroom and toilet cleans, however we are unable to clean human/animal waste when it is in other areas of the home (including cat/dog litters)

Stained Silicone

While we wish we could help with stained silicone, unfortunately it is not possible to be cleaned. Often mould penetrates in to the silicone and cannot be removed with normal cleaning techniques. To fully remove mould in silicone, the best way is to replace the silicone itself. Other methods include bleaching the silicone, however the mould can continue to grow and thus this will only be a temporary fix.

Removal of Any Adhesives

We are unable to remove any sort of adhesive from a wall including blue tack, stickers, command hooks (and similar brands). The main reason for this is due to the risk in damaging the paint while removing adhesives.


Our teams can use a small 2-3 step ladder, if requested prior to the service. Most of our teams are equipped with a step-ladder by default, however some of our teams travel by Public Transport and therefore do not bring one. We are unable to use a larger ladder it is not covered by insurance.

Ironing / Laundry / Oven Cleaning

We provide ironing, laundry and oven cleaning, however not all of our cleaning teams are experts in these areas. If you are requiring one of these extras, we suggest booking these via the “Extras” section to ensure we send an appropriate team. If you would like one of these to be done within your Hourly Service, please ensure to let us know your priorities prior to the service so we can send an applicable cleaning team.

Paint Removal

We are unable to remove paint from floors and windows.

Air Conditioning Filters

We are unable to clean air conditioning filters. We recommend having air conditioning units serviced by professionals.

Removal or Cleaning of Fly Wire Screens

Fly screens can often be old and brittle and risk being damaged when removed. We therefore will not remove or clean fly screens.


We are unable to clean curtain upholstery.

High Pressure Cleaning

Our cleaners are not equipped with high pressure hoses.

Concrete Stains

We are unable to clean any sort of stain on concrete.

Garages / Workshops / Sheds / Outbuilding

We are unable to clean any sort of garage, workshop, shed or outbuidling.

Outside of the Property – Including Outside Windows

We are not equipped to provide cleaning to areas outside a property, with the exception of balconys and porch areas.


Our teams are not equipped to provide any sort of gardening services.


We are unable to assist with pool cleaning.


We are unable to clean BBQs and our teams will not have the necessary equipment/products.

Pest control

We recommend hiring the services of professional pest control experts if needed, before booking any sort of cleaning service.

If you have any questions or concerns about our exclusions, please feel free to contact our office team via our Contact Us page.