Our Charity

Maid to Clean is a proud member of The Make A Difference Community – a partnership of caring companies, feeding tens of thousands of people every month without asking for donations. Our collective goal is to eradicate hunger here in Melbourne, and then later the whole of Australia.

The Make A Difference Community

Maid to Clean is a proud member of the Make a Difference Community. Since 2018, the Make a Difference Community has donated over 89.52 tonnes of pasta & rice. That equates to 716,128 meals for Victorian homeless and children!

Everyone here at Maid to Clean loves the idea of feeding every hungry person in Victoria from money we already spend. Every time we clean your home, a meal is provided to a disadvantaged person in Victoria. Please take a look at our other Charity Members Businesses who also donate generously every time you do business with them.

Together, we will create a continual flow of money where 100% of every dollar turns in to food for those in need. No disadvantaged person is Australia should be worried about how they are going to feed themselves or their family – it is just not right!

Maid to Clean's Donation for Every Clean
Kenshi Candle Partnership
Foodbank Hunger Report
Make A Difference Charity Partners
Make A Difference Members

Starting with the "Why"

We were shocked to learn that 5 million Australians experienced food insecurity each year. So... We decided to do something about it!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple - to eradicate hunger here in Melbourne, then Victoria, then the whole of Australia through purchasing and delivering pasta and rice to food banks.

What We're Doing

Make A Difference partners with only the best companes who share their values. Money is donated by the business partners simply when customers use their products/services. There's no need for donations!

End Game

It’s estimated that approximately 150 tonnes/month of food is needed to meet ALL of Australia’s carbohydrate needs. This will clearly be a huge challenge, but we believe it is certainly achievable.

Every time we clean a home, we donate food

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give a little more back to society, but just haven’t quite worked out how and when just yet? Well, you are not alone! With everyone living such busy lives and with what can feel like neverending responsibilities, it’s often hard to find the time to give back.

That’s why at Maid to Clean we have made giving back that much easier for you. Maid to Clean now proudly donates one meal of pasta every time we perform a service, including yours! So just remember – next time you feel like us making your home beautifully clean again, you can put your feet up with the peace of mind that you’ve also fed somebody in need here in Melbourne. In fact – if you have a regular clean with Maid to Clean, you’ll be providing a meal every week/fortnight/month!

Giving in Action...

A quick chat with Maid to Clean’s Owner, Edward Clayton, discussing the collective donations of the Make A Difference Community members earlier in 2021…

During 1 month, Maid to Clean together with the other Make a Difference Community members donated over 11 tonnes of pasta!

All New Regulars Receive a Beautiful Kenshi Candle

At Maid to Clean we’re all about going above and beyond our customers expectations – that’s why it’s one of our STAR values! We also appreciate how important and valuable our regular customers are to us, so we decided to create a little surprise for them…

For every new customer of Maid to Clean who books a regular cleaning service, immediately after we take their booking, we express post a beautiful Kenshi Candle in the mail for them! Our aim is to wow our customers before we have even arrive at their home, and perhaps even have it start smelling like one of Kenshi’s six lovely scents too.

On top of smelling great, there is an incredible story and cause behind each Kenshi Candle. For each Kenshi Candle purchased, a whopping 3 kilograms of pasta is donated to the charity fund, equating to 24 meals. If you’d like one for yourself or to provide as a gift, you can order them at our partner website here.

The Kenshi Candle Story

Kenshi Candles was started by Liam Foldi when he was just 14 years old. As a social enterprise, Kenshi Candles strives to help people in need and make a real difference in the world. This is why they donate over half their profit to charities and worthy causes making a difference. The key idea here is by using the money people are already spending on candles and gifts, it’s possible to raise funds for meaningful causes without the need for anyone to donate a cent.

As a young person growing up in a wealthy city like Melbourne, Liam found that most people honestly wanted to help others, but the hectic demands of life made it hard to give back regularly. Kenshi is all about enabling people that want to make a real difference to raise thousands of dollars without the uncomfortable task of asking for donations. This means they can focus on the real work of making a difference instead of spending all their time raising money.

Now, struggling to keep up with demand, Kenshi Candles are collaborating with the Chin refugee community in Melbourne to produce the candles. After fleeing from civil war in Myanmar, these amazing people are now earning much needed income by making the candles here in Melbourne.

Learn more about Kenshi Candles over at their website

FoodBank 2018 Hunger Report


Make a Difference's Timeline So Far....

Make a Difference Charity Partners

Make a Difference donates their food and resources to number of different foodbanks throughout Victoria. For a full list of partners, please see the Make a Difference Charity Partners page.

Make a Difference Community Members

Kenshi Candles

Kenshi Candles was started by a 14-year-old boy wanting to make a real difference in the world.

Candles are hand poured here in Melbourne, by Chin refugees, and half of all profits go to the Make a Difference food bank.

Indulge in the essential oils, 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality glass jars. They make excellent corporate and personal gifts.

Digital Document Solutions - DDS

DDS is one of the premier office machine companies in Australia.

Who would have thought that such a stock-standard business expense like photocopiers and printers could create so much impact!

Nearly 40% of the total food donated by Make a Difference has been paid from DDS profits. A single photocopier bought through DDS will fund over 200Kgs of pasta!

Crimmins Finance

Sam Crimmins established Crimmins Finance to offer a private and confidential brokering service that helps people save time and money.

Crimmins Finance has shown mmense commitment to using business for social change as they continue to support the "Dougies Fund", raising in excess of $90,000 in the last 5 years.

Their partnership with Make a Difference ensre that each time you organise finance through Crimmins, you will know exactly how much food you have funded - between 100-1000+ Kgs!

Extend Oz

Extend Oz deliveres nationwide resource solutions. They specialise in providing quality staff in urban and regional areas, priding themselves in partnering with the best employers to find the best people.

Extend Oz are proud members of the Make a Difference Community and are also supports of INSWABI - an international non-profit organisation formed in Australia to advance the Social Work contribution to the field of Acquired Brain Injury.

Belle Property Glen Iris

Belle Property Glen Iris provides intimate knowledge of the local property market and provides highly personalised service, ensuring premium real estate results across Melbourne's South East.

For every property they sell for clients, a whopping 150kg of pasta is donated to the Make a Difference fund.


Masci Group was founded by the Masci brothers Marc and Daniel. Together, they have been involved in personal, business, property development and construction since 1988.

Masci Group aims to inspire their teams and community to be awesome so they can pursue their loftiest ambitions and face cahllenges to become their best selves.

Masci are passionate about a number of giving back initiatives, includde The Father Bob Maguire Foundation, CommuniTree and of course, Make a Difference.