Essendon House Cleaning Services

Essendon is a picturesque suburb with tree lined streets and historical beautiful homes. To maintain the allure of this lovely neighbourhood, a clean and inviting living space goes hand in hand with it. With Maid to Clean, your home is in good hands, as we take pride in providing reliable and efficient house cleaning services within Essendon.

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Essendon's Most Trusted Cleaning Service

Maid to Clean has Melbourne’s best cleaning team, who are extremely experienced in providing a comprehensive range of house cleaning services. Typically locally based, our professional cleaners in Essendon are highly skilled at a range of thorough and specialised cleaning tasks for your home. This includes regular cleaning, one off cleaning, end of lease cleaning, office cleaning, steam cleaning and deep cleaning. There's never one approach to clean every home, we are aware that every house has it's own requirements and quirks. Our cleaning team is completely onboard to work closely with yourself to organise a tailored cleaning plan that will see you happy living in a pristine environment, just the way you like it!.

Your Local House Cleaners

For one time spring cleaning or regular cleaning services, Maid to Clean has you covered in Essendon. No task is too big or too small for our dedicated Essendon cleaning team. We understand that life gets busy, and cleaning often takes a back seat. That's why we are committed to taking the burden off your shoulders, giving you time to focus on what truly matters. Our 200% money-back satisfaction guarantee reflects our confidence in our professional cleaning standards - your happiness is our priority!

Know what your costs are

Take back control of your cleaning budget. Choose what suits you best – a time-based hourly rate service or a results-based flat rate. We also offer a range of specialist services.

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Our streamlined online booking system makes your life a breeze. Just click Book Now and we’ll take it from there. Need an emergency clean up done super-fast? Just call. We’re here for you.

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We only employ the very best

Our premium Melbourne cleaning teams are at the top of their game and they really love to clean. But if you’re not completely satisfied, check out our 200% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Teams

Need House Cleaning in Another Area of Melbourne?

Maid to Clean can come wherever the cleaning calls! Whether it be Brunswick, Northcote, Coburg, Carlton, St Kilda, Bentleigh, Moonee Ponds or Newport. Find out more about all the areas we offer our professional cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning Service You Can Trust

At Maid to Clean, trust is the foundation of our premium cleaning service. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Each of our cleaners is carefully selected for their expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional service.

For our regular cleaning services, we assign the same cleaner to your home, building a relationship based on trust and familiarity. You can expect consistent, thorough cleaning with every visit, leaving no detail overlooked.

When it comes to reliable and professional house cleaners in Essendon, there’s no comparison to Maid to Clean. Book your cleaning service today by calling us at 03 8391 7026 or fill out our online booking form. Allow us to transform your living space into a spotless haven you can truly enjoy.


Full House Service

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned. Prices based on number of bedrooms/studies in your home. Please select a “Spring Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.

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Hourly Rate

If you are looking for a couple of hours housework here and there then this is for you. Excellent cleaning at affordable prices. Minimum time is 2 hours and we can be very flexible with the clean.

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You pay less the more often we clean

Loyalty has its rewards for our favourite Essendon customers – we offer great discounts for regular cleaning clients.

Regular Service Discount 10% fortnightly, 10% off weekly

Full House Service

House / Apartment

1 Bedroom


House / Apartment

2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom



4 Bedroom



5 Bedroom



6 Bedroom


*prices above include regular service discount.

What’s Included

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned. Prices depend on number of bedrooms and studies in your home and we will complete all general cleaning as per our checklists below. There is additional services and pricing displayed below the list of what is included in our full house service. Please select a “Spring Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.

Hourly Rate

One off








How does it work?

Our hourly rate service is a time-based service so there is not a fixed list of what is and is not included. Our cleaners will do as much as they can in the time that is booked and we can be 100% flexible with the work we do. The hourly rate service is perfect if you want specific areas of your house cleaned. Please note, our cleaners will always prioritise cleaning to a high standard over rushing and trying to complete too much too quickly.

Additional Services Price
Spring Clean $60-100
End of Lease $259-429
Inside Oven $69
Inside Fridge $35
Inside Drawers/Cabinets $30 - 109
Balcony $35
Green Supplies $5
Inside Windows $69-129
Laundry $30/load
Bed Changing $15/bed
Ironing $45/30 mins
Wall Cleaning $29 per wall
Steam Cleaning $50/bedroom
Dish Washing $35
Wet Wiping Blinds $29/blind

Our Fair Go Policy

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Our flat rate services are results-based cleans. Unlike our hourly rate services, they’re not dependent on time limits. We’ll keep working down the checklist of tasks corresponding to the service you’ve booked (plus any extras you’ve selected), until everything’s been cleaned to our (very high) standards.

We do give our cleaning teams estimates of how long we think the job should take so they can plan their day. These are just guidelines – we let your team work harder (and faster) if they’re able.

On the rare occasions our estimates prove incorrect, our Fair Go policy comes into effect. We’ll clean up to 1 hour longer than our estimated time, but if your place needs more time and work to get through our entire checklist to our satisfaction, extra charges may apply. We’ll always get in touch with you to confirm any extra charges before proceeding.