Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Services

Not only do we cover general house cleaning, we can also steam clean your carpets, upholstery and furniture too! We can offer fixed prices for carpets, rugs and sofas and for other upholstery generally we will pop out to quote.

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Carpet Steam Cleans To Freshen Your Home or Office

High foot traffic areas may cause your carpet or sofa to look like it’s been through a war zone, and possibly in need of restoring the affected stained carpeted areas. Look no further than our Steam Clean service - the professionals at Maid to Clean like to keep things simple with our carpet cleaning.

We charge a flat $50/bedroom sized room (approx. 3m x 4m) and for areas larger than this we try to equate to this size. Please note, we also have a 2 room minimum for all jobs ($100 min charge). This is due to the heavy equipment required for steam cleaning.

We provide prices for our carpet cleaning through using the following guidelines:

Living Room or 2 x Bedrooms = $100
Stairs or 1.5 x Bedroom = $75
Landings/Passageways or 0.5 x Bedroom = $25
Sofas (per seat) or 1 Bedroom = $50

If you have a large amount of carpet we can often provide you an estimate using the above chart and then firm up the price on the day. We can often discount our carpet cleaning prices for larger jobs too, so feel free to ask!

How Long Does It Take To Dry?

This is a tricky question to answer as the time carpets take to dry depend on a few things:

1. The type/thickness of carpet
2. The weather that day (and thus the air temperature)
3. The type of machine used (and thus how much steam used)
4. The condition of the carpet

In general however, we would say that most carpets dry within 4-8 hours. Faster and slower than this is possible, especially depending on the weather, but this would be our general estimate.