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Green Cleaning

All of our cleaning staff come fully equipped to clean your home, so they will have all cleaning equipment, products and supplies to get the job done!

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Green Cleaning Practices

As standard our cleaning staff will carry their usual assortment of chemicals and cleaning products, but they will also have what we refer to as “Green Supplies”. This basically refers to products that contain only environmentally friendly ingredients which are designed to less toxic to humans, animals and also make less of an impact on the environment. We can use green supplies on all our different kinds of cleaning services, including regular cleans, spring cleans and move out cleans.

Will It Affect The Clean?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every cleaner is different, however we have had a lot of feedback from different cleaning teams over the years and there is no subjective answer. Some people find that on certain areas (such as grout in bathrooms) there is nothing better than bleach. Others will say that items such as bicarbonate soda and vinegar can achieve the same result.

The fairest answer to this question would be to say that there are certain chemicals (such as bleach) which are extremely effective in cleaning certain areas of your home. There are green alternatives to these products that have the potential to clean to a close if not the same standard, however if there are areas of your home that absolutely require a one-off blitz, we would recommend cleaning with non-green supplies and maybe looking a green supplies after the first clean for maintenance.

Benefits of Green Supplies

The main benefit to using green supplies is the peace of mind that there will be no chance of any traces of toxic/harsh chemicals in your home. Although our cleaners are extremely thorough and would rarely leave traces of any toxic chemicals in your home, there is always a very small chance of a little bit of bleach being left somewhere (for example in the toilet). For households who have pets or very inquisitive little children, sometimes using green supplies for the clean can give people that extra peace of mind that there will be no chance of them coming in to contact with something that could cause skin irritation.

Green supplies area also great for people who have allergic/sensitive reactions to certain cleaning chemicals.