End Of Lease Cleaning Services

Everyone knows that moving house is stressful which is why we have created our specialised Move-Out service to take as much of the hassle out of the process for you.

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Get Your Bond Back With Our Housekeeping Services

Everyone knows that moving house is stressful which is why we have created our specialised Move-Out service to take as much of the hassle out of the process for you. Please note that a move-out clean is often also referred to as a bond-back clean or an end of lease clean.

When To Book Our Move-Out Clean

If you are moving house and ending your tenancy you will be expected to leave the house/apartment in the same condition as when you moved in, aside from normal wear and tear. When it comes to the cleaning, this means having the place as clean as possible and the rental agent will be expecting the place to be almost spotless.

We strongly recommend booking our Move-Out service whenever you are coming to the end of your lease and you will be having an inspection done by your rental agent.

Please note: The only exception would be if you are moving out of your home but you actually own the property. If this is the case, we recommend booking our “Spring Clean” extra instead. This is a slightly less extensive (and cheaper) service and does not include the “Bond-Back Guarantee” which the move out clean does.

What’s Included In a Move-Out Clean

When booking a Move-Out service with Maid to Clean we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you. We have included all the items that most agents look for as standard, including inside all cabinets/drawers and inside the oven. If you would like other extras such as windows, steam cleaning or more, please feel free to select these when booking.

To book a Move Out clean, first you select the flat rate appropriate to your home (e.g. 2 Bedroom Flat Rate Clean) and then add on the “Move Out” extra. This will upgrade all of the general cleaning from a standard maintenance clean to a move-out standard, inside all cabinets, inside the oven and of course with our bond-back guarantee.

Aside from the optional extras, this will mean that all the general cleaning that your agent expects will be covered. This includes areas such as: behind/under previously permanent furniture (e.g. fridge cavities), high/low skirting boards, ceiling fans throughout home, grout in all bathrooms, rangehood filters etc.

Please note that with our move out cleans we will spot clean 2-3 major scuff marks per wall only. If you have walls that require full cleaning, this will need to be added as an extra ($29/wall).


Some people prefer to do some of the cleaning themselves so we have set up our booking system to allow for this. Please note that the following extras are generally required from most agents and are not included in the move out extra:

• Inside Windows
• Balconies (if applicable)
• Blinds (if applicable)
• Walls
• Steam Cleaning (if applicable)

If you would like any of the above extras, please make sure to select them as well as the Move-Out extra.

Bond Back Guarantee

All Move-Out cleans with Maid to Clean come with a 100% bond-back guarantee as standard. What this means is that if on the rare occasion your agent is not completely happy with the cleanliness of the property, we will pop back completely free of charge and attend to all the issues with the agent related to your service with Maid to Clean.

We will also deal directly with your agent so that you do not need to worry about the situation at all.

Please note – if you have an unfurnished lease, we require your home to be emptied of all furniture and belongings prior to the cleaning service. If you home is still furnished when we come for your end of lease clean, your bond back guarantee may be voided. This is because the process of removing furniture can displace dust/dirt in the house as well as the fact that any furniture left in the home can impede the clean itself.

If your rental property has a furnished lease this adds an extra layer of complexity to your end-of-lease service and there is a chance our team will contact you on the day of the service if more time/work is needed than our average flat rates.