End of Lease Cleaning with Pets

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If you are moving out of your rental property, there’s a number of things that will running through your mind. You will need to ensure that you get your bond money back, which means an end of lease cleaning should be a top priority. Following an end of lease cleaning checklist can help, but throw your beloved pets into the mix and cleaning might feel like a much more challenging task than you realised. It’s all definitely achievable, but there are some key cleaning areas to be mindful of to make sure you get your bond money back.

Cleaning Areas of Focus When Moving Out

Regardless of whether you have a pet or not, the level of cleanliness required to reclaim your bond back for your property remains largely the same. Your property agreement will prohibit you from damaging your property and it should be restored to its condition when moving in, although  reasonable wear and tear is expected. However, with pets, some specific areas need extra attention. Here are the main things to consider when moving out with pets.

Carpets & Flooring

Pet hair is one of those things that is guaranteed to need some attention when it comes to carpets and flooring in any home. Pet hairs unfortunately love sticking to carpets. Vacuum and steam clean carpets to remove pet hair, stains, and odours. While some wear and tear is reasonable, if there are particular stain areas due to your pet, do your due diligence and try to remove these with cleaning products and steam cleaning to the best of your ability. 

Walls & Skirting Boards

We all know everyday living leaves scuff marks on walls and dirt build up on skirting boards. Pets tend to brush up against walls and can leave scratch marks, or dirt marks on walls. Sugar soap or a sponge like a magic eraser can help you clean all markings from walls. A thorough wipe down of skirting boards can also make sure all pet hair and grit is removed. 

Windows and Window Coverings

If there are pet nose prints and paw marks all over your windows, it’s best to clean your windows inside and out to remove these markings. Dusting your blinds and window coverings to remove dust, debris and pet fur. If your pet has damaged any fly screens, then you may be required to fix or replace them. 

Pet Areas

If there are certain areas where litter boxes, cages or pet enclosures were kept during the duration of your stay, it’s best to give more attention to thorough cleaning to these areas. Ensure you’ve used disinfectant in these areas and removed any pet related odours from carpets, rental furniture and other surfaces within the house. 

Be Weary On What’s Actually Required

Pet Bond

If your landlord has asked you to pay for a ‘Pet Bond’ to have to cover additional costs for damage your pet may make to the property, be weary. This is not an additional legal requirement for your lease. Your main bond payment should cover any damages caused by pets, just like any other damages to the property.

Lease Agreements

Your rental agreement, including pet-related clauses, should be carefully reviewed to ensure compliance. The matter of fact is that despite having a pet or no pet, the same Act applies to any tenant. This being The Residential Tenancies Act 1997  and the fact that your rental agreement prohibits you from damaging your rental property and keeping it reasonably clean. 

Get Ready to Clean 

Cleaning your rental property thoroughly when moving out is essential to receive your bond money back. When you have pets, paying extra attention to specific areas can make a difference. By following the general cleaning tasks mentioned and understanding the additional requirements or agreements related to pets, you can ensure a smooth transition and maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship. 

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