Maid to Clean Wins in 2024 Award for House Cleaners

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In the ever evolving world of house cleaning services, Maid to Clean has been lucky enough to have started the year with another award under our belt. We are proud to announce that Maid to Clean has achieved another remarkable milestone, winning the 2024 Award within the House Cleaners category.

This award is provided to those businesses that have had their services well rated by the ProductReview community. ProductReview is one Australia’s leading consumer review websites where Australians can voice their experiences and opinions for many services and products.

We’re thrilled with the win, and are humbled to know that all of the team’s hard work and dedication continues to pay off, with our customers continuing to be impressed with the quality and customer service of our whole business.  

The Judging Process

The judging process for the Awards is meticulous, involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis to gauge a sentiment score for each category. The selection of winners for Awards is based on various measures of customer satisfaction that’s voiced online. Some of these include factors such as overall rating, review count, current retail availability, and recent performance metrics in the last 12 months were all considered when determining the winners.


Maid to Clean’s Victory

This year, Maid to Clean emerged victorious in the House Cleaners category, reaffirming our commitment to cleaning excellence within the Melbourne community. Boasting an exceptional overall rating of 98% positive and an impressive review count on, our success is a reflection of the hard work and dedication our team strives for across our Melbourne home cleaning service, including:

Our Loyal Customers

Behind every review platform triumph lies the support of a satisfied customer base. Maid to Clean’s victory is not merely an acknowledgment from the judging panel but also a celebration of the positive experiences shared by the community. Testimonials and feedback from community members emphasise how our customers appreciate our reliability, efficiency, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Maid to Clean’s ability to resonate with customers has’t only led to this victory but also strengthened our reputation within the community. We thank our loyal customers who have helped build our trusted reputation within the industry by sharing their experiences within the online community.

A Testament to Hard Work

Maid to Clean’s win in the 2023 Awards for House Cleaners is a testament to us doing what we love successfully, delivering the best cleaning service to customers all across Melbourne. As we reflect on the judging process and the significance of community recognition, it becomes evident that these positive reviews and high ratings are pivotal in helping us establish our credibility in a fast paced industry. Maid to Clean’s victory is not just an accolade, but a meaningful acknowledgement that we’re keeping our community happy with the work that we do.