Spreading Light in the Community, One Candle at a Time

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At Maid to Clean, we strive for our work to reach even beyond our end customer. That’s why we’re a member of the Make A Difference Community, a partnership made up of companies and organisations dedicated to eliminating food insecurity in Australia through donating food directly to charities and local food banks.

Maid to Clean’s Partnership With Kenshi Candles

From this community, Maid to Clean has partnered with Kenshi for a number of years. Kenshi is a social enterprise that creates candles and diffusers, with a portion of their sales going towards providing rice and pasta directly to food charities.

Through Kenshi’s initiative, for every new Maid to Clean customer who books a regular cleaning service, we send a lovely Kenshi candle straight to their doorstep right after they schedule their clean. Not only will each customer have a wonderfully scented home, but each Kenshi candle purchased contributes to 3kg of pasta donated to their charity fund.

We’re excited to share that since November 2020, Maid to Clean has donated the equivalent of 51,075 meals as part of this effort! We’re proud of our long time work with Kenshi to help our local communities that need it the most and to be a committed member of the Make A Difference Community.

Kenshi’s Widespread Impact in the Community

In their mission to end hunger and food insecurity, Kenshi have also done some great work with the Chin refugee community from Myanmar in 2019. After fleeing from civil war, the Chin people were granted refugee status and migrated to Melbourne. Members of the community struggled to find traditionals jobs due to not speaking English. Kenshi partnered with the Chin community to help provide meaningful jobs in their organisation.

Recently, the Kenshi team and other members of the Make A Difference Community visited refugee camps in Mizoram India and across the border in Chin State Myanmar, along with Jacob Thang, Founding Director of the Chin Myanmar Community Care, who was returning to his village for the first time in 20 years after fleeing the Military junta. They personally delivered 9 tonnes of rice to schools and refugee camps.

In December, the Chin Myanmar Community Care and Make A Difference Community donated another 24.5 tonnes of rice in India and transported it across the border to the Chin State to feed tens of thousands of people displaced and living only on food rations.

We applaud the grassroots work that other members in the Make A Difference Community are committed towards and are glad to contribute to their incredible work they’re doing through our monthly donations. Learn more about Maid to Clean’s charity work here: https://www.maidtoclean.com.au/our-charity/