Maid to Clean’s Guide To Finishing Touches

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Finishing Touches

Finishing touches only take a couple of minutes at the end of a clean, but they turn an average service in to an exceptional one. They’re a great example fo the 80/20 principle, where less than 20% of the effort can often lead to more than 80% of the impact.


A final additional or detail that completes or perfects something.


Here are some small of loving touches that Maid to Clean implement to give that “hotel feel” after our services.

Folded Toilet Paper

One thing is for sure, nothing says ‘hotel” like folded toilet paper. Our customer’s home should feel like a hotel when we’re finished cleaning, and that’s why folded toilet paper is number one.

Hard Candies & Chocolates

Who doesn’t like fun size candy and chocolates, especially when they surprise you on your beside table or pillow. In warmer weather hard candies are definitely best to avoid awkward melting

Hang Towels & Hand Towels Neatly on Rails

For clean dry towels, fold in half longways and in half widthways, ensuring that you place tags on the inside and designer brand labels like the ‘Sheridan’ on the front. Then, grab all of the loose corners in one hand, take the other corner (on the short edge) in your other hand and shake. This will make all of the corners neatly aligned. You can then hang the towel with the loose edges facing away from the door.
For damp towels, it’s better not to fold them too much, trapping moisture inside. Always hang towels paying attention to aligning the corners, putting labels out and tags in.

Fresh Flowers

Pick a few fresh flowers and pop them in a vase/jar/glass for display. Displaying on the bed or on a nicely folded towel adds a nice and very unexpected touch.

Line Up Sink Mixers

Finish touches are all about making things neat and aligned. Align sink mixers at 90 degrees or straight over the drain hole.
Hot tip: When you are cleaning the sink, turn the tap on so that the mixer handle is lifted up and clean under the mixer lip.

Puffing and Arranging Pillows

Something that is very easily missed. Homes really don’t have a WOW factor when you walk into them and the couch looks haphazzard and used. Likewise, with beds, it always helps to straighten up the covers and pillows.

Be Obsessive About Orderliness

Straighten up and tidy anything that isn’t orderly . Place cup handles in the same direction . Place the labels of products in the same direction. The more symmetrical and orderly a home looks, the better.

Go Above and Beyond Expectations

This is one of our core values for a reason. Nothing beats the feeling of really rising above a customers expectations and surprising them. When cleaning or tidying the house, we always try and leave a few minutes to spare to do something unexpected and not generally included. It oculd be to clean one extra thing like the inside of a drawer, behind some furniture, a window fly screen, sliding door tracks or under the sink.