How to Get Your Rental Bond Back: Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

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How to Get Your Rental Bond Back: Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Like the saying goes… “New year, new me.” Except in 2021, it could very easily be “new year, new house”. The strain from the global pandemic has resulted in many Australians relocating for better environments. 

According to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), many Australians, Melburnians and Sydneysiders in particular, either moved to a regional area or to a different suburb. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as an interest in a slower pace of life, the desire for new surroundings post-lockdown or wanting to be closer to family. After all, after a harrowing experience in 2020, who isn’t interested in change?

For renters, moving house can add additional stress: Will you get your bond back in full? One needs to ensure that every nook and cranny in the house is spotless, including the hard-to-reach or less commonly used areas that have collected dust and grease over time. These could mean the tops of kitchen cupboards and doors, stair railings and closet corners, inside the oven and more. If this all already sounds exhausting to think about, take a deep breath and follow these pointers for a guaranteed bond back clean. 


Plan ahead

If cramming for a big work presentation or exam is not the most efficient option towards the best results, then leaving your bond clean till the last minute is exactly the same. Doing this clean the day or even a few days before your move-out date will definitely spell trouble for you and your household. 

Senior property manager Candice Deane recommends a pre-vacate inspection if you’re unsure what to do. “We’ll have a look through the property to see what condition the tenants have got it in and things we need to prepare ourselves for when the tenant vacates. We can then raise any concerns with the tenant about the condition of the property,” she advises.

Perhaps you could be one of those people who keep up good cleaning habits over time, which will mean less work when move-out day comes. If not, set up a schedule and commit to carrying out smaller cleaning tasks every day, focusing on one drawer, closet or cabinet each session.


Prepare a checklist

Many residential tenancies authorities nationwide have quick checklists listed on their website to help you with this process. Look up the one in your state for detailed guidelines as rules may vary, or ask your agent. For example, Tenants Victoria and the Queensland Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) have outlined a few tips, some of which include descaling sinks and taps, dusting fans and removing mould and dust from ceilings. Maid to Clean has created our own “End of Lease” checklist which usually covers all, or 95% of agents requirements. Feel free to check it out on our pricing page. Apart from the usual areas such as the inside of cupboards, light switches, mirrors, floors and walls, we also recommend these areas, which can often be overlooked:

Exhaust hood – clean all oil marks, wash filters and ensure light is working.

Dishwasher – clean inside, including all racks and rubbers. Remove food from the filter and rinse.

Fly screens – remove, wash, and put back.

Extras – wipe down soap holders, towel rails, toilet paper holder and ceiling fan.

Pool and spas– clear debris from water and filter.

Garage – empty and clean any oil marks or dirt, remove cobwebs and clean garage door.

Rubbish bins – wash and dry.


What to use

For the less experienced, it may be difficult to gauge what chemicals are needed to clean specific areas of the house. After all, you don’t want to use the wrong product, which may end up damaging the area. 

Here are five top tips:

  1. Either Magic Erasors (our top pick!) or sugar soap works best to remove marks on walls. You can pick up magic erasors from any supermarket and they work a dream on a lot of surface marks, including walls. For sugar soap, simply add to a bucket of water and use a non-abrasive cloth to wash the entire wall and scrub the darker marks.

  2. Dents in the wall? Use wall putty to fix them. Allow it to dry for several hours before sanding and repainting. Take a small piece of the existing paint to the store to make sure the colour is a perfect match.

  3. Soap scum from glass can be removed by using shower foam or vinegar paste and scrubbing the scummy areas. An old toothbrush will help scrub mould from grout and to clean in other hard to reach places. make sure to scrub the drain and remove hair. If using chemicals remember to turn on a fan.

  4. If your windows are covered with cobwebs or looking grimy, first get rid of the dirt and dust by using a vacuum or duster. Then use a high-quality microfibre cloth or paper towels and glass cleaner to ensure that it looks sparkling clean.

  5. Still at a loss or don’t have much time? The best thing to do at this stage is to hire professional cleaners who specialise in bond cleaning. At Maid to Clean we have created a special End of Lease Cleaning Service that has helped many time-poor Melbourne renters have a spotless inspection and get their full bond back. 

Cleaning is a complicated process, particularly when you need to take care of your moving process as well. Call ahead today and check Maid To Clean’s availability and we will give you peace of mind, and get you your bond back.