Re-Branding, Award Winning and Blog Posting – April Update

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With another Friday comes another close to a fantastic working week. We hope everyone is keeping well, keeping busy and most of all, keeping safe in this very unusual time that we live in. As usual we would like to send our best wishes to everyone in Melbourne, in Australia, and for in the world for that matter, who has been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a very strange journey so far and we are no doubt just at the beginning. Australia’s doing a fantastic job at pushing back the coronavirus, so let’s keep at it!

Maid to Clean is currently still operating however we are constantly keeping on eye on the coronavirus situation and making sure that we are doing everything correctly and safely so that we can provide an exceptional level of service to our customers while mitigating any risk.
For daily updates from us on the COVID-19 situation, please see here.


In some very exciting news, we launched our brand-new logo last week! We were fond of our original logo; it was after all our very first logo and what has become so familiar over the first 6 years of being in business. However, times change and we decided it was time for an update. Our new logo has a more modern feel to it, while still staying true to our premium style and our green/white colour scheme. We wanted to move away from the female figure in the old logo and be more gender-neutral, especially considering we have just as many exceptional male cleaners as we do female!

We also managed to encompass the “Star” shape into the logo which resembles our core, or STAR, values as a business. These are to be Supportive of our staff/customer, to be Trustworthy, to always go Above and Beyond people’s expectations and finally to be Reliable. More info about our mission and STAR values can be found here.



Award Winning Service

It gives us great pride to announce that we that have recently received an award for being the best rated cleaning service in Melbourne. A website called Cleaning Services Reviewed researches cleaning companies in different cities around the world and has named us the best to use in Melbourne.

This comes as great news and is a great reflection of all the hard work put in by our entire team. This award now accompanies a handful of other awards including:


An Insight in to Maid to Clean

Our Operations manager, Maryanne, recently recorded a video blog giving some insight to her day to day with Maid to Clean and what’s been changing over the last couple of weeks. Check it our below:


Guest Posts –

Our owner, Edward, has recently contributed to several sites with some cleaning tips and tricks learnt over the years while operating Maid to Clean. We recently wrote an article titled, “5 Tips to Instantly Add Value to your Home” for one of Australia’s largest real estate marketplaces