The Perfect Cleaner – Qualities To Look Out For

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The Perfect Cleaner – Qualities To Look Out For

Hiring the right cleaner can be a life-changing decision for you and your household. Like hiring for any other job, it’s imperative to consider the various factors that make the difference between someone being good and great for the role. While cleaning may seem like a no-brainer, it’s a service that requires specialised skills. And in a time of COVID-19, expertise around cleanliness is needed more than ever.

So what makes the perfect cleaner? Firstly, think about your life—whether as a single, couple, sharehouse or family—and how often you’d like your home cleaned. Maybe you struggle to fold laundry, clean ovens and counter tops, or scrub bathrooms. Maybe you need to have your house cleaned quickly for a party, more thoroughly prior to an inspection, or a scheduled weekly clean. You also need to consider your lifestyle and the specific qualities you need your cleaner to possess.

After all, research has shown time and time again that clean houses lead to healthier states of mind. And the perfect cleaner will help you get there: you want to hire someone who you can leave to their own devices, is trustworthy and on time. Apart from these essential traits, here are four more qualities to consider:


High attention to detail

Hiring a housekeeper who pays attention to the small details will mean you get the house looking the way you want it to look. They must not take any shortcuts to get the work done quicker.

The cleaner should listen to your needs and be willing to take directions and execute it the way you want. If you want the windows cleaned or eco-friendly products used, they need to pay attention and go the extra mile to facilitate your needs.

The quality of service you get from your housekeeper will be connected to their ability to pay attention to the details. Care is of the utmost importance— a careless cleaner can break or lose things. The perfect cleaner will clean your home as if it is their own.

Communication skills

According to a study presented at the Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association, what is considered most valuable in any job are communication skills. Therefore, the perfect cleaner needs to be able to communicate clearly and be empathetic to your cleaning needs. This includes being able to communicate their availability, as well as let you know what needs to be done, whether this means they need extra time to clean the mould in your bathroom or if they need you to vacate the house for a specific task.

Loyalty and flexibility

There will be times when you need something cleaned at the last minute. A loyal cleaner won’t think twice about this, so long as they are free. A loyal cleaner also won’t cancel at the last moment. The best housekeeper is one who will make every effort to help you and your household succeed.

Time management skills

There is a wealth of research related to the skills behind successful time management. Being highly adaptable to changing circumstances, good self-awareness and organisation are some qualities that incorporate excellent time management.

This is arguably the most underrated skill in a cleaner. Based on the size of your home, your cleaner needs to quickly assess the amount of time needed to clean your home and stick to it. Cleaning is a solo job that requires a high amount of discipline, and your cleaner needs to be able to work fast and well without supervision. Moreover, they need to take the initiative to work around your specific home or cleaning situation.