Top 10 Household Spring Cleaning Tips

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person spring cleaning

Spring cleaning sounds overwhelming, intimidating and like a chore at the best of times. Here are some tips for tackling that project.

1. Schedule

One of the strategies you can use to overcome this is to set out a clear time line of when you want things done and set clear achievable goals.

2. Prepare your kit

Like any good army preparing for battle, our artillery of weapons need be stocked and organised. A cleaning kit doesn’t need to just have the heavy-duty cleaning products, but eco-friendly products like Bicarb soda, Vinegar, Lemon and Borax can be utilised to make your house sparkle.

3. De-clutter

De-cluttering is the first step to any great spring clean. Be ruthless with things that you haven’t used in a while. We are all guilty of the “I might need it one day” thought pattern, but that is what got us here in the first place! 
Anything you don’t need can be donate to those in need, or why not sell the items and make some cold hard cash out of it?

4. Work from top to bottom

You always want to work from top to bottom when cleaning. Start with the highest points in a room and work your way down. This will ensure that the dirt is pushed into one place and that things that have already been cleaned will not get dirtied down the track.

5. Make it fun

In the words of Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP the jobs a game.” 

The health benefits of spring cleaning your home are not just physical. Research shows it can also help your mental health!

Throw some music on, dance away and burn some calories while doing your household cleaning

6. Open Windows

Get that air flowing. There are several reasons this is beneficial, it helps to get rid of stale air, helps avoid mould growth, reduces condensation and helps get rid of all the chemical fumes from your cleaning.

7. Delegate

Teamwork!! Everyone who lives in the house can help in some way. It all doesn’t fall on your shoulders. The kids can help choose which toys they no longer use, depending on age they can help wiping surfaces down or the outside of cupboards. Partners can help with the higher harder to reach areas. After all a job shared is a job halved.

8. Don’t forget the hard to reach areas

Places like the ceiling fan blades, inside the washing machine, inside light fixtures and the fans of range-hoods can often be overlooked. These places can quickly build up dust and mildew, so they shouldn’t be neglected.

Small tip: Place a couple drops of essential oils onto your light bulbs while not in use. As they heat up, the smell will add a nice fragrance to the room.

9. Remember the things you can’t see

Air. As humans, clean air is clearly vital and not something we often think about. Once your house is de-cluttered and your spring clean is complete, household plants are a really pretty and environmentally friendly way to clean the air in your home. Not only do they purify the air, but they also help to reduce the level of airborne dust and keep air temperatures down.

10. Reward Yourself!

When the job is done, reward yourself for a job well done. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine and enjoy your beautifully clean and organised home.